Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Pigeon proofing solar panels

Due to an increase in the installation of solar panels on many houses and buildings, this now provides an appealing shelter to birds, at great annoyance to the panel owners.

What solar panel fitters don’t tell you when they are putting them up, is that the necessary gap between your solar panels and the roof has created a perfect, safe, warm and sheltered nesting site for birds, and pigeons in particular, exactly where they want it – nice and high up.

solar panel net
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Pigeons need cover over their heads when nesting, and unlike most birds, they nest all year round in the UK, so they simply love solar panels.

Over time the activity of the birds can see a significant build-up of corrosive pigeon fouling on the panels and under them and in the gutters and on patios below.

Pigeon fouling is dangerous waste. It is a vector for some very nasty pathogens and bacteria which can cause serious illness indeed (even blindness) in humans if accidentally ingested, if it gets into cuts, or is breathed in dry. We can provide you with fully effective bird proofing systems for both domestic and commercial properties. We can also supply and install an AVISHOCK bird management system which is used extensively on heritage sites and challenging building locations where discretion is required.

Bird proofing

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Birds in public areas are known for spreading diseases. Derelict buildings, ledges and roof tops are a few examples of areas providing the perfect roosting ground for birds, including pigeons and gulls.

Not only do bird droppings add to the cleaning costs of commercial and residential buildings, but diseases and mites harbour in these droppings, posing a serious health risk..

ALS Pest Solutions provide businesses and homeowners with a professional bird control service that uses industry leading techniques and products.

Our fast, dependable service operates throughout the UK and uses ethical bird control techniques and methods that comply with industry "best practice" guidelines and meet or exceed all moral and legislative requirements.

As well as utilising the leading bird control products and techniques in order to bird proof your residential property, we also provide advice and guidance as to what the homeowner can do in order to make their property less attractive to problem birds.

This can be as simple as taking away food or water sources, and blocking off ideal nesting spots like dryer vents and eaves that ensure birds look elsewhere for a more favourable spot.