Here are some of the questions about pest control we often get asked by our customers.

If you have a question that’s not been answered, please contact us and we’ll get in touch ASAP. We’ll also update this page, and hopefully help someone else who’s thinking the same thing as you!

Can’t I just remove the pest myself? 

The decision to call in a professional pest control expert really depends on the individual problem. Some kinds of pests, such as squirrels or moles can call for specialist equipment or techniques, not available to you. In these situations, calling in a pest controller is amazingly simple decision to make. Other pests such as bed bugs are just so difficult to deal with that a pest control company really is the best option. The same goes with wasp's If you think that each wasp nest can hold 10,000 angry stinging wasps, it is often safer to have a professional remove them and the wasp nest. As we offer a free site survey, you are probably best calling us to check out your pest control problem in any case.

Can I talk to a pest control company first?

It is always a good idea to talk to a pest control company first – if only to get an idea of how professional they sound and whether you feel they can do the job. Good pest control companies will be happy to try to give you an honest opinion about your pest problem over the phone.

However, the extent of some pest problems can only really be judged by seeing them first-hand. Be aware that some companies charge for initial site surveys. We do not. So, feel free to discuss your pest control problem with us.

What will the neighbours think?

Whilst we are extremely discreet and treat your privacy with care, it is probably worth considering your neighbours when you first discover a pest problem. Some pest problems probably don’t require you to do anything, however, if you’ve got a wasp's nest and your neighbour has young children, you’d be doing them a favour by warning them.

Is professional pest control expensive? 

It depends what you deem expensive, if you’ve got a mole problem the cost of the damage they do far exceeds the cost to remove them, especially when you consider we have a no-mole, no-fee policy.

Other problems, such as rats, carry a significant cost in the effect they have with the diseases they spread. Getting rid of a rat infestation is worth every penny. That said, we do everything we can to make our service as cost-effect as possible. Free site surveys and a tried-and-tested pest control technique are just a couple of ways we help you to make the most of our professional pest control service.

How can I avoid ‘cowboy’ pest control companies? 

Unfortunately, like most other trades, standards vary from highly competent professionals to the out-and-out cowboys, but with a little research, you should be able to make the right choice. Ask to see any testimonials they may have from other satisfied clients. Check to see if they are members of the correct trade association.

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